The content of these self-publications is often personal, poetic and of abstract expression. 

Often made from photographs, diagrams, drawings and objects that were printed, scanned, combined, overlapped, drew on and then bound into a publication. Made for my immediate social environment. 

Walking in my father’s clothes

a reflection of how walking in my father’s clothes changed my existence in the world

Emails from my fathers

a series of lose papers in a folder

Your life in a picture (according to Google)

after asking some friends to send me their “life in a picture” I asked the Google algorithm to tell me what each picture was. I then googled those words and made the following publication with the first images I could find for each word.

Days out

Collages from stills of video

Prototype of a book 

Inspired by a book that my sister made when she was 7.

Looking Into

A series of imaginary and unreadable messages on A4 papers seen through existing windows.